CISCRP’s USA Today Supplement on Clinical Trials Kicks Off the 2017 National Outreach and Awareness Initiative

By: Rachel Minnick

CISCRP has formally launched a new mass media campaign, The National Clinical Trial Outreach and Awareness Initiative that will reach millions of Americans to educate them about the importance of clinical trials and promote greater awareness of clinical research.  This initiative falls under our renowned Medical Heroes Campaign, a public service movement dedicated to engaging the public in thinking differently about clinical research.

As part of the new outreach and awareness initiative, CISCRP will be producing and distributing educational supplements in major national newspapers and publications in an effort to inform the public and patients about the clinical research process.

To kick off the initiative for 2017, we teamed up with several leading organizations including TransCelerate Biopharma Inc., Biogen, Merck, Pfizer Inc., Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., Segal Institute for Clinical Research, and Praxis to develop a supplement on Clinical Trials that was published in USA Today on May 12th.  The supplement hit newsstands in a number of major cities including Boston, New York, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Los Angeles and was expected to reach 20 million people through print and digital channels.

For this first edition of 2017, the Clinical Trials supplement included an advertisement thanking and honoring individuals, Medical Heroes, who have given the gift of their participation in clinical trials; a feature story about Jameisha Brown, a self-proclaimed “cancer thriver” and her experience with clinical trials; and a headline profile about T.J. Sharpe, a melanoma cancer survivor and clinical trial participant.  These advertisements and articles are not only educational, but also engaging and inspiring.

The supplement also included a forward by CISCRP’s Founder, Ken Getz, on “Why Patients in Clinical Trials Are True Medical Heroes” highlighting the importance of recognizing those who participate in research and an editorial by Ken titled “A Clinical Trials Guide for Patients” that includes practical information and facts about what a patient can expect when taking part in a clinical trial.

The supplement has gained a great deal of recognition across the industry and beyond for its’ informative and awareness-building content.  We are pleased to share that CISCRP’s thank you to medical heroes advertisement will be appearing in the upcoming “Mid-Summer Classic” MLB All-Star Game official souvenir program in July.  The program will be available for purchase during All-Star week at the Florida Marlins Park and the Miami Beach Convention Center.  In addition, the program will be available nationwide at newsstands, bookstores, mass and specialty stores, supermarkets, airports, and online at  The total readership for the program is estimated at 800,000 nationwide!  This is another opportunity for us to spread greater awareness of the importance of clinical trials and honoring medical heroes to an even larger audience.

We have plans to develop another clinical trials supplement, later this year, to be published in a different major national newspaper.  There will be opportunities for sponsoring companies to contribute advertisements and/or editorial content.  Contact Rachel Minnick,, for sponsorship options and for the chance to take part in the development of this next educational supplement.

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