The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy Supports CISCRP’s Patient Advisory Boards

We are very excited to be featuring The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy (FPN), a public 501(c)3 charity foundation whose mission is to dramatically improve the lives of people living with Peripheral Neuropathy (PN). FPN has collaborated with CISCRP’s Research Services on several Patient Advisory Board meetings by helping to identify eligible patients to participate and by contributing directly to the discussion. Patient advocacy group involvement is critical to the success of Patient Advisory Boards and other engagement initiatives, given their intimate knowledge of the needs and preferences of the broader patient population.  

The first time many people hear of Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) is when they or a loved one are first diagnosed with the condition. It is a very common condition, with an estimated 30 million Americans affected and many more around the world. However, there are remarkably low levels of public awareness of PN given the number of patients who have it.

The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy (FPN) follows its mission by:

  • Serving as the premier resource of information for patients, their families and healthcare providers
  • Accelerating a cure for Peripheral Neuropathies
  • Funding collaborative efforts of leading scientists
  • Raising awareness of Peripheral Neuropathy

In just over ten years, FPN has grown from a fledgling organization to become the premium source of PN information and research nationwide. Public support is essential to enable the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy to carry out its goals and help the millions of PN patients lead better lives.

To learn more about this debilitating condition, please visit or contact the foundation staff at or 847-883-9942. If you are part of a patient advocacy group and are interested in learning more about collaborating with CISCRP on a Patient Advisory Board, please contact us at or 617-725-2750 ext. 400.

Written by Nova Getz, Research Associate

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