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CISCRP needs your help.

CISCRP receives much needed support from volunteers each year. These volunteers help plan, implement, and raise awareness for our educational programs and projects.

Please email or call 617-725-2750 if you’re interested in volunteering. Please mention an area of interest in your email – here are a few ways you can help CISCRP:

Volunteer at an event

Live health educational program that is open to the public and features expert speakers, free health screenings, free food and raffle prizes.

Our 5k races are held to show appreciation for those who participate in clinical trials. Volunteers can help spread the word about the events in different cities and volunteer on-site on race day.

Become an Ambassador

As a CISCRP Ambassador, you can make a vital impact by sharing our message with your community. We will provide resources and support to help you speak at local libraries, churches, synagogues, and community centers about participating in clinical research.

Become a Medical Hero Alumni

CISCRP has developed the Alumni Community, a unique, international program that engages and celebrates clinical study volunteers, or Medical Heroes, and enables them to share their story and volunteer experiences. They have the opportunity to change public perception around what it means to be a clinical trial participant and improve public awareness and health literacy. Alumni will be supported with educational resources and learning tools.

Join an Editorial Panel

CISCRP is actively seeking volunteers to serve on editorial panels to review and provide feedback about lay clinical trial summaries. Editorial Panelists highlight areas that may be confusing to study participants, areas that may come across as biased, and areas that seem to be withholding important information.

Join our Speakers Bureau

CISCRP has created an official Speakers Bureau specifically tailored to educating and informing the public on clinical research, and encouraging those connected to the research enterprise to act as advocates for study volunteers. Members of the Speakers Bureau come from skilled backgrounds in clinical research, and commit to sharing their valuable knowledge by traveling to present at conferences and public speaking engagements.