How Far Will You Go to Recognize Medical Heroes?

CISCRP has launched a first-of-its-kind virtual fitness challenge to raise awareness about clinical research and show appreciation for study volunteers. We invite you to join us in this Medical Heroes Appreci-a-thon!

We are collaborating with Racery, a virtual race platform, which powers fundraisers and virtual activity challenges. Participants can log numerous activities–from skiing to cycling to Zumba and many other types of intentional exercise–to earn mileage in our virtual race, which spans 399 miles of Route 66.

Registration is open for our Feb 1 through Feb 28 virtual event! Click this link to join a team or to register as an individual. All participants will receive digital bling and daily (opt-out-able) reminders to get up, groove, and log physical activity. In addition, participants will have an incomparable experience to physically challenge others from around the world, virtually visit landmarks along Route 66, and donate to provide education and outreach to patients and the public about clinical research. CISCRP will also award prizes to individuals, teams, and group winners, along with teams that show the most digital spirit.

Since 2014, CISCRP has organized Medical Hero Appreciation events to honor study volunteers and their contributions to improving public health. Our first 5K in San Diego, hosted in conjunction with DIA, welcomed over 250 people to Embarcadero Marina Park South. Since then, we’ve cheered on thousands of participants in early morning events. We’re excited to roll out this new fitness program as a part of the Medical Hero Appreciation event family, and we hope this can be a fun training module for any of our participants who plan to run/walk at our Med Hero 5K in San Diego on June 24.

How does it work?

Each mile or minute of exercise can be logged into our customized online portal. You’ll receive leader board updates on current standings, as well as where you’re virtually located on the course map. It’s a fun way to challenge, not only yourself post-holiday binge, but also to show support for CISCRP and to raise awareness of clinical research.

To register:

Here’s the link:

Registration fees:

  • Regular Participation Fee: $15
  • Early Bird Registration Coupon (until Jan 11): $5 off registration with code: ebhappy
  • Participation + T-Shirt: $25

Questions? Contact us at or 617-725-2750

We can’t wait to see how far you’ll go! 

Written by Ellyn Getz, Senior Manager of Development and Community Engagement and Johanna Walsh, Events Marketing Coordinator


Our Virtual Platform Partner: Racery

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