CISCRP and INC Research Release New Clinical Trials Animation

By: Leslie Perez

In honor of Clinical Trial Awareness week this past May, CISCRP worked with INC Research to develop an online animation to highlight the impact of clinical research. CISCRP previously collaborated with INC Research, in 2016, to host the “Inspiring Hope” Ideathon event, held to develop innovative ideas for raising awareness about clinical research. In hopes of continuing this awareness-building effort, the two organizations continue to brainstorm new ways, such as creation of this animation, to raise awareness of the role clinical research plays in public health.

The animation, titled “The Impact Clinical Trials Have on All of Us,” found on the CISCRP Homepage and CISCRP’s HealthUnlocked Community, begins by asking viewers to consider how healthcare products became available to the public. The video then encourages individuals to think about the role clinical trials play in the development of new medicines, devices and therapies.  It emphasizes that for each healthcare product currently available, there are millions of clinical trial volunteers who made these possible through their participation in clinical research. The video honors the role volunteers play in the development of seemingly basic medicines that help relieve the occasional headache to life-saving treatments for cancer patients. The role these individuals play in clinical research is one that CISCRP recognizes and honors through our Medical Heroes Campaign. This animation compliments this campaign and brings to light the need for greater awareness of the impact clinical trials have on all of us.

The intent of this animation is to reach new audiences and educate them about clinical research. The animation is available online, making it simple and easy for public viewing and sharing. We encourage research sites, patient organizations, and the general public to share this video with their communities to spread greater awareness of the impact of clinical trials.

This animation was a natural progression following our collaboration last year with CISCRP on the “Inspiring Hope” Ideathon, a ground-breaking event aimed at generating unique and effective ideas that raise awareness of clinical trials and study participation,” said Clare Grace, PhD, Vice President, Site and Patient Access, INC Research.  “There is a critical need for a better understanding of what clinical trials are and why they are vital to the health and well-being of patients around the world, and this animation addresses those issues.  We’re excited to provide this imporant tool to clinical research sites and others interested in joining with us to build awareness.”

Watch the video on CISCRP’s Homepage, on INC Research’s YouTube page, or feel free to download and share across your networks at your convenience using the following link:

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